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Ni hao! Welcome to the Mandarin Stars Activity Centre for students and families!

At Mandarin Stars- we believe that learning second language should be holistic in that we encourage learning within the family as well as for our students. Language learning is all about purpose and motivation and if as a family we can encourage each other and our children to learn together, we can thus provide more opportunities to practice and experience the fun in learning Mandarin together as a family activity.

The Mandarin Stars Beginner’s Mandarin Chinese Workbook & CD

We have created a Beginner’s Mandarin Chinese Workbook & CD which is for new beginners (namely parents) who would like to learn basic Mandarin so that they can support children in practicing Chinese at home.

The origins of this particular Workbook was for a group of Sydney teachers who wanted to learn Mandarin themselves in order to help assimilate new migrant children from Chinese speaking countries into the school and also as a means to develop the overall bilingual Chinese-English nature of the school.

The Workbook comes with a CD and if you would like to order the CD (with/without a bound copy of the Workbook), please contact us on [email protected] and we will arrange this for you.

To download a FREE copy of the Beginner’s Mandarin Chinese Workbook – please click here

Title Price
Beginner’s Mandarin Chinese CD $15
Beginner’s Mandarin Chinese CD PLUS Workbook $25

(Note that we will try to have your order available at class for you however if this is not possible then we will post it to you for a $10 postage fee.)

BBC Real Chinese

This free resource is a lively introduction to Mandarin Chinese in 10 short parts with video clips from the Real Chinese TV series.

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