July 2013 – Christchurch Update!

Good morning friends and parents of Mandarin Stars!

You may have heard our latest news whilst settling back into the school term, but did you know that Mandarin Stars in Christchurch NZ are still on holidays?

Instead of taking a break, however, our friends have been running some very special holiday workshops of their own! Tai Chi, Chinese story telling, lantern making, creative crafts, dragon masks and noodle making are just some of the fun activities our NZ neighbours have been taking part in over the last 2 weeks. They even featured in the local Chinese paper, The Sun!

Here’s what The Sun had to say about our Christchurch holiday program:

The Sun – front page, page 3

Xie xie! We look forward to bringing you more news from our Mandarin Stars counterpart overseas!!

Enjoy your day.

MS Team