Learning a Second Language: 5 Amazing Proven Benefits


Experiencing the world with only one language at your disposal is like only using the default applications on a computer when you have an entire app store at your fingertips.

And there are numerous benefits waiting to be discovered when you decide to learn a new language.

Let’s first talk about technique

Immersion-based learning is the most effective type of language learning, as it allows student to learn and respond to authentic language: the words, grammar, dialect, slang, and more.

This method truly works because the student has no choice but to communicate in that language: the same way everyone learns their native language! And get this: immersion-based students are shown to achieve as well as, and in some cases better than, non-immersion schools of teaching.

While the adoption of new languages tends comes easier to children over adults due to their enthusiasm and faster linguistic processes, it’s also shown that adults can rely on using their native-like brain mechanisms to give themselves an advantage as well.

So why should you learn a second language? Here are five of our favourite benefits:

1. Become more familiar with the language’s culture
The accent, the slang, the verbal cues. and the history of the language will help you understand and appreciate its history.

2. Interact with people around the world

Break your boundaries of only having one way to interact with the world. Give yourself the advantage of knowing a second language: this special ability opens a communication channel for millions of new people you couldn’t talk to otherwise.

3. Develop a better understanding of your own culture

By learning a second language (and its history), you’ll easier see the connections between the its culture and your own. As Geoffrey Willans said: “You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.”

4. Appreciate art in its original form

Visit the museum, attend a foreign event, or spend time in a new part of your city with the ability to understand the language and speak to the people. No translation needed!

5. Enjoy profound mental and physical benefits

Boost your mental processes, get major cognitive benefits, and even ward of Alzheimer’s disease! Downloading a new language into your operating system will improve your memory and increase your attention span, as it challenges and grows the brain. And the acquisition techniques required to learn a second language can easily be applied to other areas of your life.

“Recently at my mother’s 60th b’day, Niharika sang “Happy B’day to you” in Mandarin in front of a group of about 100 people. Everybody really appreciated this a lot.”
– Swapna (mum to Niharika)

We provide top-grade Mandarin classes for children under the age of 5.

All of our programs are Immersion-based learning, and by teaching the children Mandarin, we are paving the way for future learning. By starting from a young age, they can easily develop the hearing, pronunciation, and confidence required in learning a new language.

Similar to preschool, we cover specific topics and themes and reinforce those themes with dramatic play, singing, dancing, craft – lots of activities to captivate young children in learning Mandarin!
Mandarin is the most commonly-used language on Earth and your little ones will experience lifelong benefits by starting to learn today! Learn more about Mandarin Stars and book a free trial on our website.