Research & Development

As Australia’s original and leading immersion-based Mandarin education service for children, Mandarin Stars has enrolled over 5000 children since inception in May 2008.

Consistently researching and developing our program on an ongoing basis is core to our commitment in developing a first class Mandarin program for our students.

Captivating Content

Our innovative program has been created by experienced educators and bilingual teaching staff. Because young children learn when they are engaged and having fun, our programs capture the attention, interest and enthusiasm of your child whilst laying the foundations for fluency in Mandarin as they grow and develop.

Best Practice Programs

The world-leading Mandarin Stars program is continually researched and developed to ensure best practice teaching strategies across all areas of the program. To stay up to date with the latest teaching materials, methodologies and practices worldwide, we regularly consult with education experts from China, Hong Kong, the UK and Australia , including:

  • The Chinese Language Teachers’ Association
  • The Australian Tutoring Association
  • Languages Education Australia
  • The University of Sydney
  • Australian National University
  • Melbourne University

We also invest heavily in staff development and sponsor our teaching team to attend specific workshops according to changing learning and development needs, such as early childhood teaching methods, interactive SMART boards for Chinese characters, and the use of music, songs and dance to teach language.

To further support research and development, we also have a dedicated General Manager for Teaching Services (Ms. Vicky Sun) who is responsible for the recruitment, training, development, coaching and mentoring of our teachers through The Mandarin Stars Teacher Training Program, and also the implementation of newly developed teaching strategies and plans.

As a result of the hard work we put into our program and staff training, we’re proud to be recommended and trusted by both parents and educators across Australia. More importantly, our program delivers proven results and is simply loved by children!


“I was really impressed by the programs you have in place. You have done a tremendous amount of work on the curriculum and the teacher training – which is all so vital for a successful language program. It is still early days, but Mandarin Stars seems to have a great future because of the solid educational and business foundation you have given the whole enterprise. Well done. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and skills of the teachers. It is not easy to capture the attention and interest of young children, and from the little I saw of their classes, the teachers were doing an excellent job. Please thank them again for letting me come and observe. Thanks also to the parents who spoke to me. Parental support is a very important factor in children’s learning – it helps keep the children motivated and interested. Congratulations on offering a Mandarin class for parents. It is great way to increase their confidence and skills to travel along with their children on their great language journey. Hope I can visit again some time.”
Dr. Mandy Scott, PhD Linguistics, Australian National University

“It was lovely meeting you today and experiencing your integrated play-based language program at Mandarin Stars. I was impressed by the commitment of the staff and the engagement and obvious enjoyment on the part of the children. I spoke to a number of the Anglo Australian Mums and really got the impression that they were keen to have their children speak Mandarin and I hope that your program moves from strength to strength. It would be good to have some connection with your group and I will confer with colleagues to determine ways this might occur. Until then I want to thank you once again for your hospitality today and for letting me sit in on your play sessions.”
Dr. Jean Ashton, Early Education, The University of Sydney

“Thank you for allowing me to observe during your sessions. I really enjoyed observing the children and parents learning together! I was very impressed with the dedication of your teachers, they worked so hard to keep the children engaged and actively learning. I found the interaction in small groups fascinating when the children got the opportunity to practice an ever-growing vocabulary.” – Deidre O’Reilly, M.Ed. B.Ed Montessori Dip A.M.I


Did you know that our Mandarin Stars classes are also available ONLINE?

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