Mandarin STAR of the Week at Bondi – Emily

Congratulations (Zhu He) to Emily, our Mandarin STAR of the week at Bondi!

According to Betty lao shi… ‘Emily has recently turned six (liu sui) and joined Mandarin Stars when she was only three (san sui). She was very shy at that time and said very little in class. During these past years at Mandarin Stars, she has become much more confident and her Mandarin has improved greatly. Her worksheets and homework have been remarkably good (hen hao Emily!) and she respects the teachers and gladly helps her peers. Emily’s parents play a vital role in her Mandarin learning and I would like to say a big “XIE XIE” to Cecilia (Emily’s Mum) for your consistent support and enthusiasm.

Last week, we continued learning the topic “Insects”. Students were asked to create their own wonderland while reviewing the key words we have learned in the “Garden ” and “Insects” topics. They are all very creative and have impressed me a lot. Lolly trees(shu), flower(hua) rains or upside down world with grass(cao) in the sky…What amazing wonderlands they created and what fun Mandarin classes we have!!!’
We hope you enjoy the photos of Emily’s work as much as we have! Xie xie Emily!


Emily's wonderland

– Emily’s Wonderland


Emily's Chinese writing pages

– Emily’s Chinese writing pages