May 2013

Dr Russell Cross, senior lecturer in language and literacy education at Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education, says that learning a second language equips children to expand their world view as well as enhancing their problem solving ability.

The sense of achievement and self-efficacy that children experience when they learn another language is “not just a mark on a test” but rather a “social skill” that equips them to think more globally and appreciate the differences in others.

Not only this but learning a second language also bridges the cultural divide by teaching children new ways of interpreting the world around them, and allowing them to see and experience the richness of other cultures.

“Once you start to speak another language, you understand different ways of being and relating… It opens your eyes up to new ways of thinking.” – Dr Russell Cross

We believe this is true, which is why at Mandarin Stars we are committed to providing children with a positive, interactive program by which they can develop their bilingual skills and have fun at the same time.

In a recent article published in The Leader, one of our franschisees Iris Liu drew a similar comparison between language and development, saying:

“Learning a second language has great cognitive and educational benefits for a child, with children who understand a second language often being more creative, globally aware and flexible in their thinking.”

Click here to see Iris in the press.

If you’re interested in Dr Cross’ research, see this article.