November 2010

Congratulations to Monica! Our Mandarin Stars teacher who won the award for Apprentice of the Year, 2010 at the North Shore Times 2010 Business Achiever Awards! The team at Mandarin Stars are really thrilled for Monica who deserves this award because of her passion and dedication in delivering the Mandarin Stars program. Monica has been teaching with Mandarin Stars for 2 years and is about to start her Master of Teaching in 2011. In the 2 years Monica has been with Mandarin Stars, her professional skills as a teacher have developed in leaps and bounds. Monica started working with Mandarin Stars in our Work Experience Program. She then trained with Mandarin Stars in our Training and Development program and became an Assistant Teacher to Colleen and Claire. Now, 2 years on, Monica is teaching her own classes with great success and we are all very proud of her well organised and diligent approach in class preparation and the delivery of our unique program. Well done Monica!