November 2013

What a fantastic term it has been so far at Mandarin Stars!

This term I have fortunately been able to spend a few days with our students and teachers on a Saturday. Often I attend with my 2 year old daughter Eliza who loves the bubs and tots Mandarin lessons. It has been a real pleasure to chat to both students and parents about the Mandarin Stars program.

Last Saturday however, I was able to attend classes at Mandarin Stars in North Strathfield. These classes are lovingly taught by Cecilia, Mandy and Angela lao shi.

What great sessions I observed that day! The students were engaged, well behaved and focused on learning the program. It was also really special to meet a young student named Julian who, at age 6, had only been learning Mandarin for 2 terms and has since been able to read, write many characters, recognize pin yin words and introduce himself and even talk about what favourite juices he likes to drink! He is partial to a glass of căo méi zhī too, I have to say! Young Julian is also bilingual in that he speaks French and English too (Mum speaks French to Julian). When we mentioned to Julian that he might be not bilingual but trilingual he was really happy! You should have seen the smile on his face!

For me that smile spoke a thousand words… esteem, achievement, pride, joy and love. Love for learning new languages, a love for finding out about new cultures and a sense of pride while doing so! Xie xie Julian for sharing that smile with us that day (and thanks for giving me the chance to also practice my French with you too!).

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