Superstars Workbook 14

Ni hao péng you (friend)!

Here are the sound files that accompany your Workbook for this term. Tracks 21 to 24 are relevant to the content for this term.

Note that tracks 1-7 are the key phrases and vocabularies you will learn throughout our program as part of our immersion based approach, while tracks 8-20 are some songs you might like to listen to. These songs are accompany all of our Workbooks so you can always access them here.

Your lao shi may also post some useful Youtube videos or extra content for you to enjoy this term. There will even be an online quiz to try out!

We hope you have a ‘kai xin’ time learning Mandarin with Mandarin Stars! Don’t forget to jui shao and ask your lao shi if you have any questions!

Xie xie! The Mandarin Stars Team!

Track 1 Welcome to Mandarin Stars!

Track 2 Greetings & Common Formalities

Track 3 Basic Self Introductions

Track 4 Basic Phrases to Learn in Mandarin!

Track 5 Chinese Numbers… Let’s count together in Mandarin!

Track 6 Colours… What yen se do you like?

Track 7 Let’s talk… all about me!

Track 8 Song: Where are my Friends?

Track 9 Song:

Track 10 Song:

Track 11 Song:

Track 12 Song:

Track 13 Song:

Track 14 Song:

Track 15 Song:

Track 16 Song:

Track 17 Song:

Track 19 Song:

Track 17 Song:

Track 20 Song:

Track 21 Self Introduction

Track 22 Natural Environment

Track 23 Transportation

Track 24 Revision