Term 2 2019 Newsletter

Ni hao Parents!

Can you believe we are already half way through the year? Time really does fly fast and Mandarin Stars is still growing thanks to all of your amazing support.

We would like to take this moment to reiterate how important it is for your child to get the most out of Mandarin Stars. Please do not forget to log into the term’s online soundtrack (which can be found on the Welcome page of your child’s orange or green workbook) and spend a few minutes each/ every other day going over the weekly vocabulary/ flashcards and phrases. Make sure you spend some time – even if it’s just fifteen minutes per week, supervising your child with their weekly activity sheet. If you aren’t sure how to pronounce the new words, check pronunciation by clicking on the Vocabulary and Phrases section for each topic. Being able to show that you are interested in what your child is learning is a wonderful form of support for learning Mandarin.

This makes such a huge difference on learning!

It reinforces information processing, the short term and long term memories are activated and the overall memorization of vocabulary is retained more effectively which way pay off in the long run. If you spend a little bit of time every day with them, it helps cement the information and the more they use it, the less likely they are to lose that skill. Learning a new language is a challenging skill, but time, effort and consistency are key elements. Being consistent with your language learning process and having constant exposure to the language can guarantee you that your language immersion program will be a success once you develop your basic language skills and start communicating with it.


We would like to welcome our new students and families to our new locations in New South Wales:

  • Birchgrove Public School
  • Leichhardt Public School

In Western Australia, we have Sonas Early Learning & Care Karrinyup on board for a Mandarin program every Friday morning. We also have an After-school Mandarin Club in Freshwater Bay Primary School at Claremont on Tuesday afternoons. There will also be new classes at Inglewood Children’s Centre as of Term 3 on Saturdays afternoon!

You can have a look at all the classes they offer here: https://www.mandarinstars.com.au/timetable-and-term-dates


We are proud to participate in one of Perth’s biggest cultural event – Perth Chung Wah Cultural Festival in Burswood in May! We had heaps of fun there and loved everyone’s participation and we are looking forward to more community events in the near future!


Learning an additional language benefits the economy because it opens up multiple trade opportunities. Language matters on a large-scale national level and at the level of smaller businesses. By refusing to learn another language, it showcases an isolationist rhetoric and closes the door to exchange, innovation and growth.

The rise of ancient civilisations, China, Egypt, Greece and Rome, came down to success in trade across cultures. Early traders already knew that they needed to understand their clients to produce a good economic return across language divides. Similarly today, clued up entrepreneurs will have multiple languages on their radar. This shows that the customer is in charge and has agency.

If you would like to know more about the economic benefits of learning an additional language, you can read this article. We also provide weekly bite-sized academia on our facebook page so if you want to want to learn more, make sure to check that out here!


Finally, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Dragon Boat Festival! This day is also own as Duānwǔ Jié (端午节) and this year, it is celebrated on the 7th June. We have been posting lots of exciting information on this festival on our facebook, so feel free to go and check it out here if you would like to learn more about this traditional festival!

Enjoy the rest of the term and remember to stay warm and bundled up!

Please do not hesitate to contact our Founder and Director- Dawna Leung if you have any questions or feedback about our program.

Best regards to you and your families.

Xiè xiè!
Dawna Leung
Founder & Director
Mandarin Stars
Em: [email protected]
Ph: 1800 18 11 18

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