Term 3 2019 Newsletter

Ni hao Parents!

We are already a few weeks into term 3 and we are so excited to be sharing some new updates with you!

In a recent news article there was a claim that there are only 130 Australians of non-Chinese heritage who can speak Mandarin proficiently. Not only is this absolutely shocking, but it raises a lot of other issues as well. At Mandarin Stars, we have many students who are of Chinese heritage who do not speak Mandarin because it is not their home language. They may speak Cantonese, Hokkien, Shanghainese or another language or Chinese dialect. While they may be of Chinese heritage, they are still learning Mandarin as a second language just like their other non-Chinese heritage Australian classmates.

We strongly believe that learning an additional language is important, regardless of an individual’s ethnicity or background and believe that our current students are going to be the ones that not only show that, but break the idea that just because you are part of a certain ethnic group and able to speak that language, it does not lessen the hard work and effort that you have put in. Regardless of background, learning any new language is difficult and that should not be overlooked.

That being said, and in recognition of all the commitment, hard work and dedication our students put into learning Mandarin, and the amazing support and commitment their parents and carers invest in learning, we have decided at Mandarin Stars to reflect on and re examine our vision, mission and values here at Mandarin Stars. As a language school that is dedicated to inspiring a love for learning Mandarin, and further igniting a passion for learning other languages and all about the different cultures that surround us, we want to increase more and more community engagement and hear from you. In our Chatswood Centre in Sydney, we have a board and encourage everyone to participate in answering the important question of “Why”. These include:

  • Why did you decide to choose Mandarin for your child?
  • Why do you want your child to learn Mandarin?
  • Why do you think learning another language is important?
  • Why is learning Mandarin important to you and your child?

And much, much more!

Our “Why” Board
We believe that by hearing your answers and understanding your “why”s, we will be able to better connect with you and help make Mandarin Stars even better. We have loved hearing and reading about your and our children’s “why”s and can’t wait to hear me.

We would love to hear your “why”s and encourage you to send them in! You can do so by emailing Dawna at [email protected].

We would like to welcome our new students and families to our new locations in New South Wales, including Castle Cove Public School and Leichhardt Public School!

In Victoria, we also have a new venue at 14 Willis Street, Hampton. Our classes there includes Preschool from 2:30-3:30 and SuperSTARS from 3:30-4:30. Our new venue will be opening on Saturday the 17th of August.

We look forward to seeing you all at our new classes and locations! You can have a look at all the classes they offer here: https://www.mandarinstars.com.au/timetable-and-term-dates

We are pleased to let our Melbourne parents know that we have successfully collaborated with RMIT to offer our Mandarin Stars students the opportunity to sit for the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Level 1 in Melbourne.

The Youth Chinese Test (YCT), is an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, assesses the primary and middle school students’ abilities to use Chinese as second language in their daily and academic lives. The test was launched by Hanban – a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education committed to providing Chinese language and cultural teaching resources and services worldwide – in an effort to encourage foreign young students to learn Chinese and improve their Chinese language proficiency.

Students in our SuperSTARS and Native classes who have the potential to sit for the Test have been identified by our teaching team, and we are preparing these students to sit for the Youth Chinese Test Level 1 on the 19th of October 2019 at the RMIT’s new campus on Swanston Street.

We have started servicing our latest Childcare Centre in Richmond, Melbourne. The Childcare’s name is called “Green Leaves Early Learning Richmond”.
Miki lao-shi taught the topics of Underwater World and At The Beach at Green Leaves Early Learning in Richmond last Term, and is currently teaching the childcare children the topics of Colours (yán sè 颜色), Shapes (xíng zhuàng 形状), Fruits (shuǐ guǒ 水果) and Vegetables (shū cài 蔬菜) in Term 3.

Here is Miki lao-shi all geared up to teach the Underwater Creatures using hand-puppets of the Sharks (Shāyú 鲨鱼) and the Octopus (Zhāngyú章鱼)!

Here is the Colour Fan (彩色风扇 Cǎi sè fēng shàn) that she used to teach Colours (yán sè 颜色) to the children at the childcare:
Mandarin Stars is looking to provide Mandarin-teaching services to more childcare centres in Melbourne, if you wish for Mandarin to be taught at your child’s childcare centre, please contact :
  • Nigel – 0468 469 506 for childcare centres near Melbourne CBD/City Area or Melbourne Western Suburbs
  • Nita – 0448 888 188 for childcare centres near Chadstone
As usual, we would like to thank all people who make it possible for Mandarin Stars to exist and flourish. We really would not be here without you. Here’s to an amazing Term 3!

Please do not hesitate to contact our Founder and Director- Dawna Leung if you have any questions or feedback about our program.

Best regards to you and your families.

Xiè xiè!
Dawna Leung
Founder & Director
Mandarin Stars
Em: [email protected]
Ph: 1800 18 11 18

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