Top Tips to keep your child learning Mandarin outside of your child’s Mandarin Stars classes!

One of the most common questions we get from parents is “How can I teach my child Mandarin if I don’t speak it myself?”

Here are a few fantastic tips to get you started:

  1. Children love to learn through music. We recommend that you play Mandarin songs (relevant to your child’s age group) as much as possible.
  2. If you allow your child to watch TV from time to time – play some Mandarin DVDs. There are many children’s movies/programs that have been translated into Mandarin. YouTube has many translated versions for you to find as well.
  3. Learn some basic phrases so that you can role play with your child or even practice at meal times or when going to the shops.
  4. Attend a free parent class with Mandarin Stars! Speak to your teacher about booking into one of these!
  5. Check out some of the free language games (some offer free trials) online such as
  6. Discover some great phone apps such as:
    • Chinese 4 Kids
    • Feed Me!
    • Kid Lingo Pre-School Mandarin
    • Panda Radicals Chinese Flashcards
  7. Create as much purpose as you can to learning Mandarin for your child. We are very lucky in that here in Australia – we have access to a melting pot of cultures, ethnicity and languages! Use every moment possible to embrace this and encourage your child to practice speaking Mandarin with others or in daily life (at the local shops/restaurants) with new people who speak Mandarin natively.
  8. If you are able to read Pin Yin or Chinese characters – then try and source as many books as possible in Mandarin and read them to your child.
  9. Make up games that help your child remember the words they are learning. You can play “Eye Spy” and insert Mandarin words (I spy a Ping Guo – apple) or see how many objects you can name at the dinner table, in the fruit bowl or in the bedroom. Post-its around the house are also a fun activity for kids. Make them together as an activity.