Ni Hao from our Mandarin Stars Team!

As a proud and passionate team, we strive to deliver a first-class Mandarin program for children.

Our Mandarin Stars Teacher Training Program is rigorous and we engage in regular in-house and external training workshops and conferences. Our teachers are sponsored to attend interstate events including The Chinese Language Teacher’s Conference (Australia-wide) and the Raising Children Bilingually Conference (Melbourne). We are committed to teaching a world-leading Mandarin program for children, so invests heavily in staff development and training.

In addition to this, we like thank our staff for their hard work and give them the chance to take time out (teaching can be very tiring!). Our whole team is regularly invited to attend Mandarin Stars Team Building events whereby the sole focus is to connect with other team members and relax!


Join our team!

If you are passionate about working with children and the teaching of Mandarin Chinese, why not consider Mandarin Stars as a career opportunity for you? If you would like to find out more about our current vacancies, please contact Ms.  Dawna Leung at [email protected]


Dawna Leung

(B.A. (Hons), TEFL)

Founder & Director

As a mum to two Australian Chinese boys under the age of three, I found it challenging to find Mandarin classes for children that blend an Australian playgroup style approach to learning. So I decided to set one up myself!

Coming from a multilingual British- Chinese household in Warrington, Cheshire, in the UK, I was brought up to speak a Chinese dialect known as Hakka to my grandparents, Cantonese to my parents and siblings and English outside of the home at school and with my English friends. I also studied Latin, French and Spanish at school and later obtained a degree in French with Business Studies at Queen Mary & Westfield College, The University of London.

Having learnt 5 languages, I asked myself: ‘What is the key to learning and maintaining a second language? What will really inspire my sons to learn Mandarin in the future? How can I develop and nurture their future learning? What sort of program will develop their interest and a positive attitude towards learning Mandarin?’

From my own experiences and through research of this highly debated topic, I agree with many others that motivation is the single most important factor in raising children bilingually. According to Edith Harding-Esch, a Senior Research Fellow in Language Education at the University of Cambridge, ‘Without a good reason, the effort required to learn a language is simply not worth making. Children, at least after a certain age, need to be motivated to accept being spoken to in the minority language and to make the attempt to answer their parent in this language.’

I therefore concluded that if the success of my children’s ability to learn Mandarin is dependent on their desire to learn, then it should be of paramount importance that the Mandarin Stars program we offer is of pure enjoyment to the children that attend our program. Our approach is not academic or intensive. Instead, we offer activities that build vocabulary and conversational skills in Mandarin in a fun, interactive, learning environment.

Our program has been developed so that your child will enjoy learning and playing in Mandarin and as a result, be inspired to learn Mandarin in the future.

I hope you will enjoy watching your child learn, play and be positively engaged in Mandarin as much as we have enjoyed creating and delivering our program!

Jin Chang – Enrolments and Business Operations Co-ordinator

Rachel Chen- Teaching Operations and Program Supervisor