Mandarin Stars Preschool Classes for Children Age 3-5 Years

Similar to the description of our classes for Bubs and Tots age 1-3 years, and geared towards both native and non-native learners, these sessions develop strong listening and speaking skills in Mandarin. Adding a further layer to learning, we also start to introduce basic characters (radical characters) and numbers.

This is taught through a range of activities (as most children do not yet have the pencil grip) including creating characters with colored sticks, play dough and magnetic boards. We also start to teach and reinforce basic phrases through the topics taught for the term. The sentences we start to teach and reinforce across these classes are as follows:

  • I like/ don’t like
  • I want/ don’t want
  • I have/ don’t have
  • Yes please/ No thank you
  • This is/ isn’t

In conjunction with some of the activities in the Toddler classes, we also start to extend the children’s skills through the introduction of role-play and language games.

Over a 3 year playgroup program with Mandarin Stars, our students learn over 240 vocabulary along with a broad range of phrases and sentence structures related to self introduction topics and basic phrases as detailed above and also the basic introduction of reading and writing Chinese characters in a fun and immersion based Mandarin Chinese language setting.

Did you know that our Mandarin Stars classes are also available ONLINE?

NEW Mandarin Stars Classes Available ONLINE!

Mandarin Stars Online ( also offer Mandarin classes online for children! To book an online Mandarin language class please email [email protected]