Our Mission

Mandarin Stars inspires a love for learning Mandarin so that our students can develop the capacity and confidence to communicate and be connected with the wider global community.

We welcome children from all ethnic, cultural and language backgrounds.

Whether your child is from a monolingual English-speaking family, a bilingual English/Chinese household or a Mandarin-speaking family, our innovative program will engage and delight your child.

Currently, the majority of children who attend our classes are non-native speakers.

Our approach to teaching and learning is founded
upon our core values

  • Mandarin Stars offers an immersion-based Mandarin language program that is child-centric and play-based and instils a lifelong love for learning Mandarin.
  • We are committed to investing in teachers who are incredibly passionate about teaching Mandarin and working with children. We recruit, train and develop our teachers so that they are creative, capable, confident and knowledgeable in their practice as Mandarin Stars teachers.
  • We are dedicated to motivating engaged, confident and capable learners who can ultimately communicate and develop meaningful connections with others.
  • Our teachers and programs aim to develop and flourish the bilingualism, and, or multilingualism in each and every child.
  • We aim to cultivate in our students a sense of pride and achievement in being able to identify, communicate and connect with both the local and wider global community.
  • Mandarin Stars develops the foundations for fluency in Mandarin so that our students have the opportunity to communicate and connect with 1.5 billion other Mandarin speakers worldwide!

Cultivate your child’s future fluency in Mandarin – Enrol in Mandarin Stars today!

What we offer at Mandarin Stars

  • Highly interactive, engaging and creative immersion-based Mandarin classes.
  • Access to a variety of fun and effective learning resources that are researched and developed each term for your child. Our learning resources include workbooks with over 30+ listening, speaking, reading and writing activities that develop Mandarin Chinese language skills and overall literacy and numeracy based concepts in the early and primary years. Our program comes with access to our dedicated Video Learning Hub which includes pre-recorded topic videos and listening based activities as well as stories, songs, Chinese poetry and more!
  • Our approach reinforces and uses every teaching and learning opportunity to consolidate learning in Mandarin Chinese!
  • Classes taught by bilingual teachers who are passionate about teaching, supporting and developing your child’s Mandarin Chinese language skills and knowledge of Chinese culture to children. Our teachers don’t just teach, we see our roles as being your child’s biggest mentor and support in developing your child’s confidence to communicate in Mandarin.
  • Small Classes – Available in several locations around Australia (or online)
  • A professionally researched teaching program, including the current best practices in teaching children both face to face and online.

We choose a range of activities to deliver our themes, including:

  • sensory-based play

  • short stories,

  • rhymes, singing,

  • dancing, movement and yoga

  • puppet shows,

  • dramatic play and

  • arts and crafts.

All of the activities we plan and deliver the place our students at the centre of our pedagogical approach. We also consistently aim to reinforce and consolidate learning, and also develop in your child a strong sense of confidence and a “Can do… can learn…. can speak” attitude in our students so that as they mature and go on to learn Mandarin in their teenage years- they are confident, capable and knowledgeable Mandarin Chinese learners and communicators.