Parent (Mum to George and Luci)

“So delighted with Lao shi’s commitment, encouragement, enthusiasm and belief in my children. So grateful for the way she builds them up and motivated them to want to learn. Seeing incredible progress and confidence in my children, in their speaking, reading and writing of Mandarin.”



“Love Mandarin Stars in Docklands! They provided good quality teachers, small classes, fun materials and games to learn mandarin in a relaxed environment.

Mandarin Stars makes learning mandarin so interesting that my eldest son often asks me how to pronounce things in Mandarin. I have now started my youngest son in classes as well and he has learnt a few words and sometimes sings a mandarin song randomly.”


Dr. Ruying Qi

Bilingualism Research Lab at Western Sydney University

“I am very much impressed by the enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism of the two Mandarin Stars teachers, the engagement of 3-4 years olds and their parents. It is a great accomplishment for all the children to be able to use pen, paper and develop literacy awareness by learning Chinese and identifying Chinese characters.”